Author Topic: Building an in Game Pantheon or Who wants to play god?  (Read 79 times)


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So for a while now I've been trying to get an in-game pantheon off the ground on East Continent. The idea will work entirely with the current religious system, the only problem is I need four other players to get on board. You see each deity in the pantheon gets their own religion and all five religions will start out with a "variant" stance towards each other.

I've taken the first step by establishing the Church of Aaron. Aaron is a Hermes type figure, he's a messenger and mediator between the other four gods. The four of them are constantly in conflict with one another but all are friends to Aaron. For more information about Aaronism check out the wiki page

The other gods are roT the slain, Reina the Huntress, Solomon Lord of Plenty and Mariana of the Abyss. Each god has a personality and a set of domains. These domains are based on region types and certain gods are supposed to be represented in certain regions. On top of that certain actions can be considered an "affront" to a deity, and certain in game events considered a sign that they are displeased and the "pax deourm" has been disrupted.

The domains are organized as follows:

Exclusive domain- all other gods forbidden, Aaron may have a lesser temple.

Supreme domain- their temple must be largest in the region other gods may be welcome

Claimed domain- deity has a right to a presence in this region, though may be subject to another god's supremacy

Disputed domain- circumstances mean that this region may be in dispute and thus its status must be settled through deliberation with Aaron

claim on all regions,
no exclusive domain

exclusive- Townslands
supreme- central rurals
claim- on cities and coastal rurals
disputed- coastal towns (Mariana), fortified towns (roT), rurals with hunting as a major industry (Reina)

Exclusive- forrest, badlands, mountains, rurals where hunting is a major industry (Montauban)
Disputed- coastal badlands, mountains or forests (Mariana), rurals with hunting as a major industry (Solomon), regions with militia (roT).

Exclusive- Strongholds
Supreme- cities with a fortress
Claim- any region with militia or fortifications present
Disputed- coastal strongholds (Mariana), coastal cities (for supremacy with Mariana), towns with fortifications or militia (Solomon), forests with militia (Reina).

Exclusive- none
Supreme- any coastal region
Claim- none
Disputed- coastal strongholds (roT), coastal badlands, mountains and rurals (Reina), coastal towns (Solomon)

Aaron has no land domains but diplomatic agreements are supposed to be blessed by a priest of Aaron and disputes between the gods must be mediated by the Avatar of Aaron.

The head of each religion will be called "Avatar" signifying that they are their patron god's living representative on Earth. There is only ever one Avatar for each god at a given time. So when an Avatar dies a new one is born that very moment. The priest holding their place is not considered an Avatar but essentially a steward until enough time has passed that a new Avatar can arise (17 in game years). When a religion is without an Avatar they cannot take part in mediations or claim affronts to their gods, or that anything is a sign of divine displeasure (because only an Avatar actually knows if their god is angry). They can however intervene in direct attacks on their temples, shrines, priests and followers.

Signs of displeasure are as follows:
roT- Undead
Solomon- food rotting, droughts, famine
Reina- monster attack
Mariana- pirates (do we have this for the ferry lanes in East Continent?), monster attacks on coastal regions (sea monsters), characters "dying" at sea.

I had a list of ways to settle disputes but I lost it. I'm open to suggestions but here are the two I remember:
-Disputes with roT can be settled by duels
-Disputes with Solomon can be settled through a marriage to a priest of Solomon

This is my general plan but I can be somewhat flexible about it. So who wants to play god with me?