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The Alchemists' Portal
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Roleplay from Ehrich Weisz

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With relentless hordes of monsters and undead draining the resources of civilised lands, nobles increasingly struggled to field meaningful units and live in a manner befitting their high status.  The Imperial court of the Shattered Vales looked to its learned masters of lore and arcane studies to attempt to remedy this problem.  Foremost amongst the scholars were The Imperial Alchemists.

In a secluded grove away from the walls of Iato, The Imperial Alchemists convened for the culmination of their greatest experiment yet seeking to master the transmutation of base metals into gold.  The alchemist scholars had devoted themselves to years of study but had been frustrated by their inability to generate enough power to materialise their golden prize.  In frustration the alchemists had turned to agents able to walk amongst the unpredictable folk sages and wizards who it was beneath the scholars to contact directly.  So three adventurers, Paul, Teller and Rufus had undertaken apprenticeships of sorts looking to combine the science of alchemy with other mysterious sources.  Most had exercised the basic powers of scrolls, but with the winds of magic decreasing, soon found themselves frustrated upon that path.  The discovery of the ancient tome, the Dazzling Cookbook of Truth, had pointed them in a new exciting direction.  Now they strived to utilise the potent energies of a portal to fuse gold from base metals.  Over the months they had finally gathered eight stones, representing they believed, the seven metals of the world which could be bound by the eighth mystical element brimstone, the stone that burns..

Aware that portals were potent and dangerous forces which the Obeah faith were adept with, the scholarly priest Arterius was in attendance to attempt to steer the energies as desired and guard against unwanted dangers from beyond the other side of the portal.  So the assorted characters began a protracted and elaborate ritual.