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Re: The Alchemists' Portal
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Roleplay from Paul

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The Cleric Arterius had been teaching Paul the words and sequences from the Ancient Journal all day. Sweat dripped from the adventurers head as he struggled to remember all the knowledge being cascaded to him.
​As darkness descended the only light came from the bubbling cauldrons and the eerie silver glow that was now emitting from the eight portal stones he had helped collect. Now together the stones had developed a life of their own, pulsing and whining, and as the adventurer and the cleric discovered they had become so heavy they were almost impossible to move. At this point the mysterious adventurer Rufus had tried and to his amazement moved the stones with ease. Paul noticed that his previously piercing blue eyes had turned a similar eerie silver as the stones themselves.
​"Begin the ritual" commanded Emperor Ehrich and with the help of the whispered words of advice of the Cleric and the strength of Rufus they began the delicate task of following the ancient words and shifting the stones along lines scratched in the dirt.
​At regular intervals the assembled Alchemists brought small iron dishes containing molten metals which were pored carefully into the grooved lines which the portal stones were pushed along. Those much wiser than him had been working on turning rock to gold for years and the belief was that in their hour of need activating the stones would give them the power to do just that. Each different metal was supposed to chanel the energy of the earth itself to form the gold that could save them. For a moment Paul allowed himself to daydream - his share of the gold would buy him the castle he'd dreamed of, servants too, who'd call him master and a big fancy chariot.......
​A crackle of lightning snapped him out of his trance, and he focussed again on the words Arterius had tought him. The final sequence of movements pushed all the stones together in a pile and as Rufus placed the final stone there was an almighty boom, then silence.

Strange Lights

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A column of light shoots up into the sky from somewhere in Iato, and there is a strange humming sound. Beasts behave bizarrely. Nothing else seems to happen...for now.

Roleplay from Paul

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Paul dusted himself down then looked apprehensively up to the sky. A huge column of light had engulfed them but as his eyes adjusted to the brightness he was disappointed not to see gold raining from the skies.