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Re: The Alchemists' Portal
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Roleplay from Rufus

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Rufus the red monk answered the call to assist the alchemists ritual without hesitation.  Seeing the dignitaries struggling with the stones he stepped forwards finding the stones willing to pivot rather than lift if directed towards their proper positions.  As he touched the first stone he felt enfused with some ancient power something he had felt only once before along time ago when he was so close to death.

Shivering he recovered his senses only when the last portal stone was in place but now his other passion gripped him.  The allure of the flames!  As the cauldron and sulfur were ignited he was drawn like a moth entranced by the flames.  Against reason he was compelled to reach out to the portal stone anointed with sulfur and for a moment his hands touched the burning stone – unnaturally captivated by its beauty.  Then his mortal senses caught up with him and he recoiled screaming.  A lesser alchemist eventually came to his aid with water - if only to allow the ceremony to proceed undisturbed.  As the alchemists worked for their obsession with gold Rufus the screaming red monk sobbed in pleasure and pain at the beauty of the flames which could deliver it.

Ever more the monk would occasionally collapse into bouts of screaming agony - scarred body and mind by the burning stone