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Re: The Alchemists' Portal
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Rising Tension

message to everyone in the vicinity of Iato - 1 hour, 22 minutes ago

The steady flickering within the circle has sped up. It changed ever so gradually, so that it was hard to tell it was happening, but at first it was no more than one pulse every five heartbeats, and now it's faster than one every two heartbeats. The violet lightning has been climbing higher, too, rising from the center of the circle to trace an outline in the air. It appears to be a roughly oval shape a couple of meters high, starting a meter above the ground.

Further from the circle, the people of Iato have started noticing something going on as well, beyond the very obvious column of light reaching into the sky. The air has begun to feel heavy, like the air before a storm, and animals all around have begun acting agitated and upset. An ever-growing flock of birds has begun to circle the column of light in the sky.

Roleplay from Paul

Message sent to everyone in Iato (3 recipients) - 1 hour, 4 minutes ago

Paul had a bucket in each hand and was staring expectantly into the clouds above.
His eyes darted this way and that...
"Ready everyone! The golds a comin!"
Rufus and Arterius gave the adventurer a disappointed look but even a fool could tell that something was happening and far sooner than anyone had expected.