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Re: The Alchemists' Portal
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Interestingly....on the East Continent I got this message -

 Disturbance Abroad
message to everyone in the vicinity of Bescanon - 3 hours, 40 minutes ago

Bescanon's column of light turns a violet shade as the air grows moist and heavy. The ground trembles. Bescanon River reverses itself, flowing not from mountains to ocean, but from the ocean to up the mountains.

Agitated animals gather at the stones, circling them. The smallest of creatures, the ticks, are closest to the stones, with the largest of creatures, oxen, furthest from the stones, all circling together. In the skies, birds circle the column of light, again with the smallest avian closest to the light and the largest furthest from the light. Eerily, not one creature makes a sound as they silently circle either upon quaking ground or within moist, heavy air. With each passing minute, more and more animals join the circular parade on land or in sky.

Something distant in the aether was being disturbed.

And on Beluaterra, my adventurer got this message far from Iato -
 Portal Stone Mishap
(Personal message) - 1 hour, 17 minutes ago
You notice a strange vibration coming from your pack, and when you open it to look, you see that the portal stones you have in there are humming and glowing with an eerie violet glow. The sound and the glow increase in frequency and intensity until it is almost unbearable—and then there is a horrible cracking sound. Half the stones have shattered, and any that remain retain an oddly menacing violet tint.

And she now sees the following message when she looks in her inventory -
"Be warned that setting eight portal stones in a circle carries the risk of failure resulting in serious wound or even death."