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Re: The Alchemists' Portal
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Roleplay from Ehrich Weisz

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The Imperial Alchemists provided eight reagents, the royal metals of Gold and Silver to be placed upon the north facing stones aligned with the constellation of Midas, whose great wisdom and wealth they sought to draw upon.  For the other stones Quicksilver was to be released, mingling with the air to evoke the portal.   Copper and Iron had been dissolved as acid waters to fuel the reaction.  Tin and Lead formed the mainstay of the common metals of the earth to be transformed, represented on different portal stones but also forged into a great cauldron into which the gold would surely flow.  Ready to ignite the final portal stone, brimstone was piled last with trails of sulphur leading to all the other stones and to the cauldron in the centre.

Each of these were positioned, ready for Paul to place the portal stones, flanked by Rufus and Teller to assist with the ceremony.  Before the great cauldron in the centre, a lectern supported the Dazzling Cook Book which illustrated the ritual formation on its centre pages and to which the adventurers would congregate once the stones were in place, to oversee the rituals culmination..