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October 2018 Recent Changes
« Topic Start: October 09, 2018, 09:14:56 PM »
Major Changes
  • Make adventurers able to cast spells from scrolls, but at greatly increased difficulty
  • Add chance of death or serious wound for adventurers setting portal stones in a circle
  • Re-enable property and wealth taxes as an option*

Minor Changes
  • Require confirmation when abandoning a region to rogues
  • Only rulers can abandon capital regions
  • Allow messaging multiple adventurers in the realm at once as a noble
  • Give a little more information when you train
  • The collect taxes link has been moved further away from the other banker links to prevent misclicks

  • Properly checked for gender of officeholder for some uses of titles
  • Require a speech when starting a rebellion
  • Fix some issues with sending messages to all in Duchy
  • Improve display of message signatures and fix some other message display issues
  • Restore "Scroll to Top" link
  • Fix some issues with paraphernalia reports
  • Fix some issues with changing classes
  • Fix some tournament issues
  • Fixes and improvements to assigning militia
  • Fix bankers on testing islands receiving other realm income (fines et cetera) instead of ruler when there is no ruler

*Property/Wealth Taxes
Bankers may now set property and wealth tax rates for their realm. If the tax rate is at 0%, it is disabled. You must have a property tax before you can have a wealth tax. Neither tax can be more than 25%. Each tax taxes above a certain limit. For instance, a property tax might tax a character with 110 gold at 10% tax rate above 100 gold, meaning they contribute 1 gold while someone with 1000 gold would contribute 90 gold. The level a wealth tax taxes must be twice the property tax, that is, if a property tax taxes above 100 gold, a wealth tax must tax above 200 gold. Both gold and bonds are taxed the same. So, if a character has 2000 bonds and 1500 gold and their realm has a property tax of 10% above 500 gold, they will be taxed 150 bonds and 100 gold. If their realm also has a wealth tax of 20% above 1000 gold, they will also be taxed an additional 200 bonds and 100 gold. An adventurer with 250 gold would pay 25 gold in property taxes and 50 gold in wealth taxes.  Paused characters also pay property and wealth taxes. Adventurers are always taxed above 0 gold.

The tax goes straight to the ruler share. It is an intended TODO to allow government shares from the ruler share in the future, but this step comes first. All existing realm tax rates have been set to 0% so no characters or realms should have any surprise taxes.
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