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November 2018 Recent Changes
« Topic Start: November 14, 2018, 05:35:21 PM »
Minor Changes
  • Removed Chat link from left navbar (redundant now that Discord is our primary chat mechanism)
  • Several minor graphical and quality-of-life improvements on account page (mainly mobile)
  • Streamlining and minor quality-of-life improvements to adventurer action pages
  • Improvements to realm government details page
  • Sort list of army members on "send message to some members of army" page alphabetically
  • Add realm density to statistics charts
  • Increased minimum density level to 1.7

  • Restored battle report highlighting for your unit
  • Fixed a bug causing crashes when hunting undead
  • Fixed a bug that would prevent a secession from completing
  • Fixed a bug that would prevent removing bans
  • Fixed some post-tournament travel issues
  • Restored ability to link to regions in army standing orders
  • Fixed a bug with display of Duchy bulletins
  • No longer allow a login to time out as long as you're actually doing things with at least one character
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