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Prayers half-answered
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Apostate awoke from his stupor, lying in trash to a violet storm. He waited it out, cowering in his tattered robes. When it ended he looked to his palm, it was crisscrossed with several more cuts and his dagger was nowhere to be found. His stomach growl and he crawled up. The former priest stole bread from a nearby bakery, halfway through his illegal meal he heard s cry of alarm. Curiosity got the better of him and he searched for it’s source.

People fled from an imposing figure, standing six feet hunched over. It’s skin was a deep crimson and it hurt the eyes to look at. Apostate’s heart soared. His Masters has returned! Truth had returned! He sprinted to it and quite literally fell to his knees.

“I-I have waited! I have been faithful! I gave my blood to pervert their rituals! I called you! I serve, I serve, I serve! My life is, it has always been, yours!”
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