Author Topic: Abusive Players?  (Read 5194 times)

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Abusive Players?
« Topic Start: October 11, 2018, 08:22:55 AM »
I was scrolling down on my family page today and saw an old message from the developers

"Adventurers No Longer Using Scrolls
Adventurers have been blocked from using scrolls for the foreseeable future due to players abusively using adventurers as weapons of war scroll-bombs. They may be restored in the future when significant changes are made to their operation, but that is not a priority in light of the recently posted development roadmap."

I think this an unnecessarily prejudicial statement for the developers to be using against the players.  Now you obviously decided to change the rules.  That is fine.  It is your job to add options or take options away if you feel they improve or hurt gameplay.  That is what you all volunteered for.

But what we have here is a case of one group of players doing exactly what has been done for years.  They used adventurers to cast scrolls.  It's been done against the daimons, the monsters, the undead, and other player realms in the past.

The only difference is that this time the group of players targeted by the adventurer-cast scrolls complained to the devs, and the devs stepped in to undue the damage so the targeted players could arrest and kill the adventurers used in the attack.

And then the devs blamed the players playing the adventurers for this and charged them with abusing the rules.  I think that is a bridge too far and is unnecessarily antagonistic towards the player base.  I think such statements have no place in the official announcements of the game and would request that the announcement on the matter be moderated to remove any charges of abuse for what was a simple case of doing what was allowed and done in the past under many similar circumstances.

The devs already punished the players by allowing their characters to be executed.  I think then accusing the players of abusing the rules is simply a matter of adding insult to injury and should be avoided.