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Re: Abusive Players?
« Topic Start: October 11, 2018, 07:03:24 PM »
Though I was not involved in the incident in any way, I too feel that it was dealt with poorly.
If the incident was something that should not have been possible, the entire incident should have been reversed.
By reversing only certain parts (reviving Bara'Khur) and allowing some players to be punished (characters executed), the powers that be give the impression that there was actual INTENT to abuse the game mechanics. 

Maybe there was actual intent to abuse the game, but I can't say for sure that there was or was not.

Players are encouraged to work together in the game.  (from the sign in page - "BattleMaster is a team-oriented...")
There are several guilds (some of these have been around for a very long time) that encourage advies to work together with nobles and each other.
Most scrolls come from advy characters.  Advies have been able to cast scrolls for a long time.  I believe that every realm has had to deal with advies casting scrolls in their realm to stir up trouble.

So, a group of players got together in their guild, consisting of nobles and advies, and decided, for IC reasons, to formulate a co-ordinated attack on a single realm.  Was this fair? 
No.  But then, war is hardly ever fair.

There is no realm on BT that is NOT struggling to survive at this time. 
Many realms can not even raise the CS needed to deal with even one of the larger rogue units, let alone multiple units of rogues.

Would it have been acceptable if the attacks were spread out over several days to allow for response or counterplay (with likely the same results)?
Would it have been acceptable if Priests or infiltrators were used for the attack instead of advies?
Would it have been acceptable if every other realm on the continent decided to gather together to make a co-ordinated attack with the intent of literally destroying a struggling realm?  What possible response or counterplay could the struggling possibly offer to this?

The advy attack on Bara'Khur was certainly not fair, but was it an intentional abuse of the game mechanics?