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Re: Abusive Players?
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I'll note again...those tactics have been used for years.

Were they always popular?  No.  The East Continent recently went through a long situation of a single adventurer using a portal to ask that all the defending walls of a nation be removed and their best recruiting centers be destroyed.  The request was granted in minutes.  Possibly hours, but I remember it as minutes.  That did start up a general disagreement in the player base about the magic game on EC being...ahem...too game changing.  And an answering portal was called up specifically to lower magic in the EC.  That portal was just closed today with an event that seemingly removed magic from the island and attacked adventurers carrying portal stones and seemingly erasing them from the island.  The stones.  Not the adventurers.  I think that is good for the game, and agree that EC should be a low to no magic area.  It is ironic that it is the only island with elves, but....such ironies can build more fun.  hehehe.

Throughout all of this, BT was noted as the island where high magic SHOULD be allowed, considering its experiences with invasions and the like.  I remember when adventurers were first introduced, and from that time until now I have seen adventurers use scrolls against monsters, undead, daimons, and other players.  This has never once been questioned by anyone as an abuse of the rules.  It was the way the game played.

I can't even count the number of times I've seen adventurers use scrolls to wipe out monsters, undead, or daimons as noble-led units charged in to fight the survivors of their attack.  And in wars between player realms, they've often moved in just before the fight to use scrolls in support of their nation, religion, or guild.

Now what we had here was one city seceding from an allied realm and then adopting a religion following the Daimons, the single biggest baddest bad guys ever seen on Beluaterra.  Every single Daimon-worshiping religion has been wiped out.  I say this as the player of the noble who is the head of the primary anti-Daimon religion.  And she has seen every single Daimon invasion.  She's old.  She's REALLY old.  She's one of the older characters in the game.  And she's seen multiple Daimon-worshiping religions rise up and she's seen every single one of them torn down again.

So she got information from members of a guild offshoot of the religion saying these people were daimon worshipers.  She traveled over to one of their temples, read their mission statement, and the basic tenants of their religion, and agreed that qualified as daimon worship.  So she declared them evil and went back home to continue tending to her city.

At which time the guild offshoot in question mounted probably the most successful scroll attack I've ever seen.  Number one.  They played me.  I love it that they did.  They knew a hot button issue for my character and they PRESSED it.  Then they waited for me to respond, which I did pretty quick.  Not because I knew they had plans.  Oh no.  I had no clue.  I just happened to have full hours and the ability to travel their pretty much immediately.  Remember.  Priest.  They can be quick on their feet.  Hehehe.  And then the guild offshoot did what I've seen before.  They sent out adventurers with scrolls to smash and rend.  As I said, I think it's the most successful such attack I've seen.  Not the only by any means.  In previous cases it's usually been across a broader front over multiple regions as nations were fighting on the fields or defending or maintaining takeovers.

In this case it was a focused attack on a secessionist nation  reduced to a single city following a Pro-Daimon religion.  From what I hear, it was rather devastating.  Of course, considering every nation on BT had declared war on them before the invasion started due to their secession in the first place meant they probably would have been promptly dealt with long ago.  If the new invasion hadn't started up that is.  *shrugs*

So...this was a totally in character conflict, initiated by the actions of the target nation in question.  And the attack was conducted via tactics that have been in use for years across multiple continents.  Was it the best example I think I've seen of those tactics?  Yes.  I think it was.  But that was merely because players have spent years practicing them and have gotten better with them over time.

There was no abuse of the rules, and charging players with being abusive is simply wrong.

Once again, if you want to change the rules to make that not happen again, that is your prerogative.  But please do not accuse the players of abusing the rules when they were simply acting in good faith and using the tools you gave them to play with.