Author Topic: Abusive Players?  (Read 5073 times)


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Re: Abusive Players?
« Topic Start: October 15, 2018, 06:45:51 PM »
I have always been a staunch supporter of the Devs and Admins. They work hard and give up a lot of their personal free time.

This BT business though... it doesn't sit very well with me. For two reasons.

1) In my experience, there has always been a hard line in the sand for reversing events. Even for bugs. You lost your gold due to a bug? Ok, bug is fixed, but you don't get your gold back. Everything has always carried on forward.

2) To my knowledge of the event, it seems to lack any "abusive" element. Abuse of the game, to me, is when you click on your Family page link, and 1000 gold appears in your family wealth, so you click it 47 times until you are maxed out, invest in all the regions of all your characters, and then click it 47 more times.

Please correct me if I am wrong, but a group of nobles got together, gave a bunch of scrolls to a bunch of Adventurers, told them to unleash hell on Bara'Khur, and then watched the fireworks? I fail to see where the "abuse" was.

Did we discover something that is terribly over powered? Of course, and we should take steps to ratify that. However, the players involved did nothing wrong.

What is the answer here? There isn't one. It is a catch-22. Something has already been reversed. Can't very well reverse it again. That would be silly.

I am just curious as to why there was such heavy handed intervention, when that isn't how things are normally done.
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