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Re: Abusive Players?
« Topic Start: October 15, 2018, 07:26:17 PM »
There is a qualitative difference between adventurers occasionally using scrolls for things, and loading up a bunch of adventurers with dozens of scrolls and sending them to literally destroy a struggling realm with no possibility of response or counterplay.

There are many things within the game, as in real life, that, done in a moderate manner, are fine, but when taken to an extreme, would be considered abusive. This is not a contradiction or hypocrisy.
Angband has just fallen to the constant massive rogue attacks.  The above quote could be read:

"There is a quantitative difference between rogues occasionally spawning to add spice to the game, and cranking up the spawning rates to drown out and literally destroy struggling realms with basically no possibility of response or counterplay..."