Author Topic: Serious Question: What is with the crybaby mentality?  (Read 3400 times)


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That's the only active thread concerning "abuse" and "powergaming". And the issue in question is the only such public powergaming one to come up in... years, I think?

"Realms die" is part of the original post.

"Hugfest" refers to... well, how else do you want to call it? Pax astroica? Refers to the period of time on Dwilight when Sanguis Astroism had theocracies and a few very faithful non-theocracies from the northern tip to Barca/D'Hara/Luria. And when they'd regularly come to the forum to whine about distance penalties for the armies, because they basically wanted to be able to crusade against the 1/3 of the continent left that hadn't opted in. They had gridlocked themselves in a series of alliances and federations and were whining for OOC solutions to their purely IC problems. And I bring this up, because, apparently, "lately", BM is full of "crybaby antics". But not a single example is given. And I can't think of any. Other than the one where the original poster is involved, concerning the adventurers using a ton of scrolls against Bara'Khur. So, either there's a bunch of incidents that are nowhere to be seen on this forum, on the discord, and in-game, or the whole post was a thinly-veiled allusion to that single incident. I which case, I'll remind, the devs promptly sided with the "crybabies" (do you think they always just do whatever people whine about, without any further judgement???). The only other "hot" topic I can think of is for the monsters, on Dwilight specifically, but  that hasn't really come up much in over a year.

Maybe read the actual thread, and a bit of the others going around right now, before saying such things?

I have been back for a week, I see plenty of whining within realms that never gets onto the forums or the main discord.
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