Author Topic: Serious Question: What is with the crybaby mentality?  (Read 3204 times)


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Ah, Chenier, I was on a break from BM between 2010 and 2012 so maybe I just missed the worst of it, and it seems more relavent to me now. Haha, I dunno. Different realms, different experiences maybe?

Either way, I agree with Jev. A lot of it comes down to the "winning the game" mentality. People get rooted into a position for a long time, and as soon as someone goes against that they are "ruining the game".

I dunno. Maybe I am just getting too offended myself. Honestly Chenier, I am offended that you aren't offended. (jokes)

That describes my experience in this game since the start. XD

But yea, maybe different realms account for different experiences. In Highmarch, everyone that wants something, gets it. That's kind of our problem, nobody wants any of the regions we want to take. But hey, you are there too, you know that too well. In Bara'Khur, I think most of us gave up any expectation we could have had for Beluaterra, so... low expectations are hard to fail. Just cruising along with whatever few opportunities present themselves, trolling other realms from behind oceans of rogues. In Westgard, well, people seem content as well. We are doing very well, actually I'm starting to worry about doing *too* well. Expanding is hurting tax tolerance of Gelene, which is making it a zero sum game (I really don't think it ever should be...). But otherwise, no one's complaining, we've got the best retention of the continent, probably top retention game-wide. We don't get waves of newbies like some other realms, but those that come tend to stick far longer. Unprecedented calm lets us do unprecedented brainstorming. Smaller hordes also means we can afford to have smaller armies, so I made another, and looking to make another again.

So yea, if some realms are problematic, maybe you just need to leave them. ;) People have always expected freebies and dev solution to player-made problems.