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Adolphus. Apostate, assassin.

Started by Stabbity, November 19, 2018, 09:43:25 PM

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Adolphus moved along the wet ground, his footsteps light and silent, like a wraith. The wind blew, masking his approach. He paused and waited, silently waiting for a group of Mordok cultists to move. He dropped down from the ledge he had been perched on, and approached the manor house before him. He shimmied his way up to the second floor, and eased the window open.

Adolphus dropped in through the window, catlike, and made his way down the hall. A few coins had revealed to him where the Empress was resting. He slowly opened the door, and approached the bed where the Empress lay sleeping.

"Angela Barrett." His voice was quiet, but his helmet gave it a harsh, metallic, but oddly distant quality. The Empress's eyes shot open, and she reached for a dagger... Too late. Adolphus plunged his short sword home. The blade was forged of Apokh Iron, pitted and marked. The iron forged poorly, but was toxic, poisoning the blood of those it cuts. Two thrusts into the Empress's torso, and the job was done. Adolphus made his way out of the manor and was shocked at what he found.

Adolphus looked about, and a crowd had gathered. His work was yet undiscovered, but this group of cultists... Knew. They attacked, and Adolphus drove his blade home, again, and again, but the cultists were too many, and they landed several blows with their clubs. Adolphus reached into a pouch and flung a handful of pellets at them, which popped with a loud snap on impact, and smoke erupted from them. Adolphus turned and fled, gingerly holding his ribs.
Life is a dance, it is only fitting that death sing the tune.