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WRP - Stage 1: The Manual
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The Manual will be updated to a simple format: main pages and sub-pages. There will be nine main pages that will act as a general guide to the game. Reading through the main pages should give a more in-depth understanding of the game than a basic guide but generally will not cover every single detail. A main page will focus on one specific area of the game (e.g. Economy or Warfare.) The sub-pages will contain full details on a specific topic of the game (e.g. Units or Classes.) The sub-pages will be linked to from the appropriate main page (e.g. Warfare will contain a link to Units.) This will create a simple hierarchy of information that can be relatively easy to navigate. To further aid navigation a navigation box will be created and added to the main pages and sub-pages. The Manual page will be updated to provide access to the Main Pages and the Sub-Pages along with a set of guides on various topics. All links will be to the location of the most complete information.

After the main changes to the manual are completed, the Help pages will be updated where needed. The final part will be clean-up, which will handle any page that is currently associated with the manual and wasn't touched during the previous stages. It will also handle tasks not done in previous sections (i.e. moving pages, marking for deletion, redirects.)

Note 1: When I say "sub-page" I am not referring to the wiki version of a sub-page. All pages will be main pages in the wiki sense. For instance, the page name will not be Warfare/Unit but just Unit. The decision of what should or shouldn't be a sub-page was based on what would have enough information for a unique page. The question is where to draw the line. My current conception of this is: if a summary, around the size of a paragraph, completely covers a topic then the entire topic should be moved to the main page. Otherwise there should be enough information for the reader to get a good idea of the topic then a link to where the full details are.
Note 2: This outline does not cover single thing to be done but I believe it is a good enough guideline to get started.

Before jumping into the details it is only right for me to list (and thank) those who have helped or help in the future. I will update the list below as people help with this project in various ways.

Those who helped:

  • Vita - provided feedback and information on how things work.
  • Wimpie - provided feedback and information on how things work.
  • Tali - provided feedback and information on how things work.

And others who gave feedback through the discord (I don't remember everyone, sorry.)

Part 1: Update Manual Page and Main Pages

Update Manual to include an introduction and a table of contents. Move the old contents to Manual/Old and provide a link on the Manual page. (Manual/Old will probably be temporary.)
Create and fill the pages: Environment, Character, Menu, Government, Judiciary, Warfare, Economy, Social, and Fantasy.

At the time of posting this, I have updated the Manual Page and created the Main Pages. The table of contents will have links to all topics currently covered in the main pages and their sub-pages. All links on the manual page will be directed to the most complete explanation of the topic. For example, when clicking on the "Roleplay" link in social it will take the user to the Roleplay page and not the Roleplay section on the Social Page.

The main pages currently contain an outline of what each page will cover. During part 1 the main pages will be filled with content where needed. However, the main pages will probably not be complete after part 1. Throughout the rest of the parts, notably part 2, the main pages will be updated where needed. The primary purpose of the current outlines on the main pages are to provide a starting point that can later be updated and improved.

There was some discussion of adding in an Adventurer section ("main page"). I personally think it is redundant and all information should be covered in the other sections. If more people think it should have a "main page" then it can be added. An alternative is linking to adventurer on the manual page under character and under the classes section of both the character and class pages. The adventurer page would give access to all pages needed just like the current main page formats. Only difference is it wouldn't be a "main page" listed on the manual page.

Part 2: Update Sub-pages

Below is a list of the current planned sub-pages and some information on what is to be done on each. All of the pages should be checked for accuracy. The "to-do" list for each page is based off of a quick scan of the pages and is subject to change.

  • Buildings -  Move to here: Demolition Workshop ; Update RC information ; Create Buildings/Old Information with contents of how things worked previously ; add upkeep costs ; remove cost to build for each building [too variable] ; rename buildings header to workshops ; link to the relevant paraphernalia for each building
  • Realm -  Overview of government structure/positions, diplomacy, capital, economy, density
  • Region - cover region types, stats, lordship, estates ; move economy & independence information to stats ;

  • Attributes - Check information in sections: honour & prestige ; reformat skills covering skill name, ways to improve, what it effects, who uses the skill.
  • Class - include information for each class on their skills, requirements, effect on recruitment; remove recruitment limits section.
  • Family - add information on heraldry and fame.
  • Rank -  TBD
  • Creating a Character - Describe the process of creating a character, add screenshots
  • Heraldry - What it is, the editor, add screenshots, possible addition of a link to historical background information.

  • Diplomacy - Move information from Enhanced Diplomacy to here ; cover all information on treaties ; move changing relationships section into relationships section.
  • Government Position - Make summary of page at top ; add requirements to the position ; add information on how to obtain position (what systems have election, appointment) ; information on losing position (inactivity & wounds/prison) ; add in Duke & Lordship
  • Government System - Improve descriptions ; Add special features ; add default position names
  • Election - (Move to Election: Manual/Elections) - add summary
  • Estate - Move hierarchy section to Hierarchy ; add information on statues & monuments
  • Hierarchy - Cover both realm hierarchy and military hierarchy.

Menu Panel:

(Move: Actions to Reputation ; Character Actions to Actions ; Unit Orders to Orders ; Message to Messages.)

Each sub-page, listed below, is should include a screenshot of the menu, break down the page, list all possible options found in the pages, say what they do, note requirements (class, location, hours, etc.)
Command, Information, Messages, Orders, Travel, Religion (menu),  Actions, Politics, Questing, Items

  • Army -  add info on banners, standing orders, formations, military hierarchy ;
  • Battle - merge diplomacy effects into when does battle take place ; screenshot of battle ; break down the layout of battle ;
  • Paraphernalia - Improve summary ; move caravan to a new section for paraphernalia that is no longer in the game.
  • Unit  - Full details on: unit captain, types, stats, recruitment ; summary of unit settings ; add screenshot of unit details
  • Unit Settings - add screenshot of unit settings page
  • Formation - Improve the summary ; 

  • Food - Add the Weather/Season information from Environment ;
  • Taxes - add screenshots of regional and realm wide ; add wealth/property tax information
  • Trade - Cover: market, black market, automatic sale, traders, add screenshots ; short summary of food

  • Ban - expand with OoC info
  • Prison - ways to get into prison, things to do, ways of leaving, things the judge can do

  • Roleplaying - Add in any guides on RP at bottom or appropriate section ; improve page summary
  • Allegiance - tied into Roleplaying
  • Religion - Remove redirect, move Priest Game to Religion ; improve page summary ; put religious order before priests ; add a link to a couple example religion pages ; improve temple table
  • Guild - TBD

  • Zuma Coalition - check for accuracy

  • Wound - cover both wounded characters and wounded troops.
  • Rogue - Full details on rogue units, nobles, regions
  • Emigrate - TBD (likely added to character page)
  • Training - Full details on both character and unit training

Uncovered topics:
A listing of topics that need to be fit in and haven't yet. These will either be added to a main page, a sub-page, or if I have missed something major, become a sub-page.
  • Bulletins

Part 3: Create Navigation Box

This will be a table that will allow access to the main pages and the sub pages of the manual. The table will be placed at the bottom of every main page and sub page. Due to the frequency of use, a template will be created under a yet to be determined name. After it is created then it will be placed onto each of the main pages and sub pages.

(The Navbox is created in a separate part because it is easier to create after all the main/sub-pages are "set" in stone.)

Part 4: Guide Table

There are multiple guides on the wiki and in order to give people easier access to them a table will be added to the manual page. This table will be identical to the table of contents presented in Part 1 but it will not have "main pages". Instead it will have a topic, for instance "military guides" and then a list of any military guides that exist. In order to create this table a catalogue of guides must be collected. The first step will therefor be to collect a list of guides and put them into certain topics. Then a table will be created with this list and added to the manual page. The category of "Guide" will be placed onto these pages.

Current guide list:

Gregor Relak's Collected Essays and Lectures on Leadership and Governance | Unit Roles(?) | New Players Guide | BattleMaster Basics | Mossy Family/Abraham/Mentor Lessons | Petterson Family/Rangonio/Mentorship | Igelfeld Family/Von Igelfeld family Memoirs | Rogala BM Guide |

Part 5: Help Pages

All current help pages will be updated with the new links, checked for accuracy, and improved where needed. The list of help pages can be found through the Category: Help.

Part 6: Clean-up

There will be many pages that have not been touched in parts 1 through 5. These will be listed below. It is possible that there are some "manual" pages not listed below or in the previous parts. Please reply to this post with a page name and it will be added to this list.

To Environment: Time, Hours, Turns, Seasons, Island Descriptions
To Region: City, (all region types), Fortification
To Realm: Capital
To Character: Age, Death
To Attributes: Skill, Honor
To Government: Protest, Secession,  Rebellion
To Diplomacy: Enhanced Diplomacy, Treaty
To Travel: Sea Travel
To Warfare: Takeover, Loot, Looting
To Unit: Unit Captain, Combat Strength,
To Battle: Overkill
To Hierarchy: Command Hierarchy
To Wound: Wound (troop)
To Army: Marshal
To Trade: Black Market,
To Economy: Bank, Silver, Gold, Bonds, Invest
To Judiciary: Torture, Fines, Exile, Deportation, Execution, Execute, Laws, Law
To Social: Bounty, Duel
To Fantasy: Undead, Monster, Wizard, Sage, Magic, Portal, Portal Stone, Diamon

To be redirected to the correct manual page:
Civil work | Court | Entertainment | Hang rebels | Paid work |

Move (tentative move locations):
Trade old to Trade/First System
Old Taxes 2 to Taxes/Second System
Old Tax System to Taxes/First System

Behaviour summary | Estates/Old | FAQ | Government rules | New Economy | Priest Game | Priest Game/Tom's Own Words | Region Command | Serious Medieval Atmosphere| Titans and Magistrates | Unit Naming Guide | New Random Features | Rules and Policies | Name Rules | Hold Court Command | Security | Adventurer Theories | Class/Old Class System | Changing Classes | Rebellion | Reasons for Rebellion | Fortification/Examples | Fortification/Fortification Examples | Rogue | I was just banned | Imperial Region | Scribe Note | New Taxes | The Menu Panel/es | Travel(nl) | Manual(spa) | Creation Screens | Useful Tools

Manual sub-pages:
Manual/Behaviour | Manual/Characters | Manual/Economy | Manual/Elections | Manual/Miscellaneous | Manual/Realms and Regions | Manual/TOC | Manual/War | Manual:Getting Started  | Manual/Old

Introduction sub-pages:
(Checked for accuracy, no plans to add to it.)
Introduction | Introduction/Choosing a realm |  Introduction/Giant Wooden Badger | Introduction/Recruiting | Introduction/Roleplay | Introduction/Scouts | Introduction/Travel | Introduction/Winning

Spanish pages
List to be gathered again, accidentally erased them from this.
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