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Rules Update and Return of Nomad Realms


Henceforth, realms with less than 20 nobles are excepted from the prohibition on realm mergers. The emphasized sentence in the following rule has been added to the following on Rules and Policies:

--- Quote ---Realm mergers are illegal. Realms may surrender to another, including annihilation of their lands, but they may not merge as equal entities on friendly terms. Realms that are too small to exist (under 20 nobles) are excepted from this rule, and may merge into another realm.
--- End quote ---

Rulers may request realm mergers by contacting an administrator (Anaris or Vita). As well, rulers on Beluaterra and Dwilight may now contact an administrator to request their realm be granted Nomad status. A realm going nomadic involves the realm giving up on all its existing regions and migrating to another location entirely. You may contact us via the [email protected] email address, on the forums, or on Discord.

As some may recall, nomad status was given to realms during the Freeze and Close of Western Dwilight events to migrate to new homes. As a reminder, nomad status grants the following bonuses:

--- Quote ---
* No distance from realm penalty for troops
* Troop payment costs 10% of normal and no troop payment after the capital is lost
* Can take over regions without bordering them
* Can be given regions by other rulers without bordering their realms
* A special drafting option for more soldiers being drafted in exchange for higher morale cost to the region
* Takeovers complete twice as fast as other realms
* Takeovers require a third of what other realms require to start a takeover
--- End quote ---


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