Author Topic: Shameless Astrum Recruitment Thread  (Read 2054 times)


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Re: Shameless Astrum Recruitment Thread
« Reply #30: December 20, 2018, 05:24:18 PM »
Something tells me people have a problem with Astrum recruiting and it's giving a bad vibe. The point of this whole thread is to recruit to fix these issues.

No, not at all. By all means, Astrum could use more nobles.

But you aren't recruiting for Astrum anymore, you are recruiting for a colony. And I don't care who would be making this colony, I'd say the same thing: it's a very, very, very bad idea. I hear there's also another colony project, by other people. I also think THAT's a bad idea. And there's Tol Goldora, and I also think THAT was a bad idea.

I mean, sure, this forum might allow you to recruit an odd noble or two that doesn't already play on Dwilight... but odds are, almost 100% of the nobles that are going to form these colonies already exists on Dwilight. Thus, you are going to be draining realms to make it happen.

Which would be fine, if the continent was flooded with large towering realms. But it isn't. There's not a single realm on Dwilight that could lose a noble and go "meh, we had too many anyways". You are free to try a colony, but I'm almost 100% certain that it will backfire on you.

I mean, as a rule of thumb, I'd say every realm should have 3 nobles per city and 2 nobles per non-city. Add in some unclaimed regions that would kinda be advisable to take, that would mean that Astrum should have like 30 nobles, minimum. 30-35 would be a good number, really. But you have half that, and aiming to cut it further via a colony.

I get the RP importance of Caiyun, it's the first temple, it's holy, and all that. Makes perfect sense for your characters to strive for it. But I'm telling you, if you send nobles that way to make a new realm, a few months down the road, you'll regret having done so.

I don't think any realm with less than 20 regions and 50 nobles should really consider a split. New realms create a rush in activity, and then, in almost every case, the sum of the parts will be way, way, way lesser than the original whole.