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South Island Rewards and Reset!
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UPDATE: Character creation is now open and startup mode concluded. Also, the War Island mechanic ruleset listed at bottom of the announcement was updated with some forgotten differences from other islands.
Turns are now running, with the island in startup mode (no traveling beyond 1 region outside the realm). Elections are being held for all government positions amongst the victor characters. New character creation will be enabled in 7 days, on Saturday the 29th. More information is below regarding Rewards, South Island Reset and Realm Themes Roleplay, and War Island mechanic differences. This is a long multi-part announcement.

Congratulations to Taselak for achieving total domination of the War Island (South Island) over Ikalak and Sandalak! Taselak Victory Rewards are as follows:
  • All Taselak characters active upon completion of Sandalak takeover are considered victors
  • Victors are exempt from the character reset on South Island, and will be randomly-distributed to the new South Island's 3 realms, responsible for setting up their governments
  • Taselak's ruler, Alparslan, has had his name added to the Famous Character Names in unique item naming
  • Customized unique items have been created for the government members:
    • Alparslan Kalkandelen - Shield of Taselak
    • Wulfric Rhicling ka Habb - Great Hammer of Ack
    • Zlatan Mersault - Glowing Tongs of Torture
    • Ardisio Sarracenia - War Harp
  • Victors have received a family gold bonus, non-cumulative:
    • Alparslan Kalkandelen, Wulfric Rhicling ka Habb, Zlatan Mersault, Ardisio Sarracenia, and Hunter Maximoff have received 2k gold to their family as government members or dukes
    • Lords who were not government members or dukes received 1.5k gold to their family
    • Remaining victors received 1k gold to their family
  • Statues will be create in each War Island capital with a full list of Taselak victor names
  • Statues have been created in 3 random cities of each island commemorating Taselak's victory in general and in particular the ruler, general, and an army of Taselak.
  • A mention of victory has been added to family history, with special text for government members

Unlike previous War Islands that quickly suffered cataclysm upon one realm's victory, Taselak ruled over the island for nearly a generation. Sandalakian and Ikalakian defeated nobility are forced into years of slavery. All is peaceful save for the bothersome claims of a wild Beppo. No one believes these myths, of course, ignoring such ludicrous claims. Until it came.

Rumours of the Beppo attacking from the seas and rivers were dismissed, as usual, for the mad rantings of raha smokers, but then survivors began entering Taselak. Of course, they must be bandits, after all, who ever heard of a Beppo? Out Taselak sent its slave-army of Sandals and Ikkies to put down these criminals. And so they came face to face with it. Its sheer size. Gosh did it burp and bellow and belch. Monstrosity beyond comprehension. Their feeble hearts gave out before they could comprehend the full meaning of its identity. Only a lone Taselakian scout escaped to report their fate, and she herself could only give the most rudimentary of descriptions for the...Beppo!

In the fight against the Beppo, civil society and government are not only devastated, but mens' minds also grow more deluded and paranoid. Patrols are sent out to scout for the Beppo that never return. Paranoid about anyone they haven't seen in longer than one day, the once unified Taselak fractures. Even worse, some forget *how* to communicate, yet remember partial communication concepts, resulting in bizarre attempts at communication ranging from painting peoples hands with paintbrushes held in their mouths to trying to force other people to whistle at them by forcibly manipulating their jaws. All this failure to communicate leaves three competing factions of Taselakians and no one certain where the Beppo is now, or if it was defeated. But with no sign of the Beppo for some time, they begin to explore the island once more to re-establish their dominance.

A New Beginning
Nobles of Taselak City survived through hunting for the Beppo, led by one strong Chieftain with a mighty will. A will so strong that what is good for the Chieftain is good for the Tribe. One day, Chieftain started insisting everyone dress up like cows to go hunting. Another day, their hunting parties began observing the Beppo's distaste for fruit, causing their Chieftain to order the scholars to research further. And indeed, fruit repelled the Beppo! Thus they began seeking out all kinds of fruit with which to fight the Beppo, settling upon bananas as particularly fruitful weapons. Before long, their hunting parties were trained upon offensive fruit maneuvers. Now trained and convinced of the value of battlefruit, Taselak's tribal hunter parties are now beginning to follow human tracks as they seek to butcher their foes - all while dressed as cows.

Nobles of Ikalak City survived by worshipping the Beppo, offering sacrifices meant to appease the Beppo, and living in fear that the Beppo is always watching them. In a never-ending stream of sacrifices to keep the Beppo away, Ikalak's nobility brought their most treasured friends to a gulch on the edge of the city, slaying them. And then for two minutes shouted praises to the Beppo while dancing upon their friend's corpse, each noble trying to outdo the one before them displaying their devotion. Family was only spared because there is no family assistance on the War Island. But when friends were extinguished, Beppo praised, and their corpses danced upon, acquaintances fell next. Another Two Minute Beppo Praise-Dance Ritual followed. With acquaintances gone, Ikalak's nobility were left eyeing each other warily. Eventually, someone suggests they sacrifice prisoners of war and Ikalak's Ministry of Life is soon marching to capture sacrifices for keeping Beppo away.

Nobles of Sandalak City survived by singing to the Beppo, discovered through providential happenstance. A young boy stumbled upon the Beppo inadvertently one day, while singing a folk song. The Beppo started to move away at first, but when the boy stopped singing to flee in terror, it began to chase him. Realizing that the song had been protecting him, he started singing again, and the Beppo left him alone. Upon telling this story to his family when he returned home, most of them thought it a fanciful tale, and wanted him beaten for lying to his elders. Only his merchant uncle believed him, and when he told the boy he wanted to make use of this, the boy was only too happy to get away from those who wanted to beat him. Within weeks, the boy had taught the song to a dozen people (at exorbitant fees for his uncle). Within months, the boy and his uncle were both entirely forgotten as the Corporate Choir was organized and became a major political force in the city. Before long, they established themselves as the new ruling body in Sandalak, with the Singing Soldiers as their strong right arm. Under the Corporate Choir's directive to liquidate their rivals, the Singing Soldiers are soon marching to serenade their enemies into submission.

Toren Stronghold is devastated and abandoned, save for a few creepy folk no one talks to - mainly because they run away when you try.

Differences from normal islands:
  • Diplomacy is locked at war
  • Can only write to one's realmmates unless one is in a region with foreigners
  • Cannot change allegiance unless you've been banished
  • Bans are permanent, except Judges, for the first two weeks they hold office, can revoke all banishments placed in the prior 2 weeks
  • Takeovers require 33% less men to initiate
  • Takeovers are 33% faster
  • Recruitment centers replenish new recruits 33% faster
  • No distance from capital penalty for units
  • No density takeover limits
  • Fewer angry peasants
  • No monsters
  • No minimum 3 prestige requirement for lordship appointment
  • No minimum 5 prestige requirement for government appointment
  • No minimum 10 prestige, 20 honour requirement for announcing candidacy for government
  • No region buying
  • Higher acceptable tax baseline
  • Lower regional revolt chances
  • Much lower distance from capital penalty for regions
  • No religious or diplomacy region buff effects
  • Faster regional population recovery
  • No abandoning region mechanic
  • No adventurers
  • No sea travel
  • No family gold
  • No religion
Update, a few more, missed earlier: All characters are mortal, increased chances of wounding when surrounded and outnumbered, combat casualties shifted from dead to wounded, scattered troops lose most of their wounded troops, increased healer effectiveness, increased hunting effectiveness against scattered troops, decreased hunting effectiveness against retreated troops.
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