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February 2019 Recent Changes
« Topic Start: February 28, 2019, 09:37:54 PM »
February 2019 Recent Changes

Major Changes

  • Militia Nerfs:
    • Increase pay for all larger-sized units (mobile & militia)
    • Increase pay for all SF units (mobile & militia)
    • Add corruption overhead to militia pay, the wealthier the region the more militia units must be paid
    • Remove militia being cheaper than mobile units
  • Prevent secessions for duchies with less than 15 nobles
  • Make daimons and humans fight each other in rogue regions
  • Display list of top twenty wealthiest characters on island with more than 10k wealth (gold+bonds), accessible via Information page
  • Display realm hierarchy with family heraldric crests, can toggle back to old text version
  • Allow allies to contribute to takeover progress at 1/3rd effectiveness
  • Include allied troops in region when calculating having enough troops to takeover a region (allied troops only count for 1/3rd)
  • Automatically redirect new players to create their first character after signing Social Contract
  • Add hotkeys for sending and previewing messages, just like on wiki and forum
  • Send more effective infantry armour to stable
  • Enable refusing ducal position
  • Add filtering messages by last 24 hours and 48 hours (today/yesterday filters are based on the full turn)
  • Don't remove a player's last five medals of each type
  • Don't remove a player's medals if they've received one in the last 6 months AND given one in the last 3 months
  • Added a softcap to gold accumulation in rogue regions to deter excessive gold levels

Minor Changes

  • Add Report Bug link to top right of page, clarify script page vs island stable/testing/war debug info
  • Enable NPC/GM characters to command regular non-NPC troops
  • Display count of nobles in duchy on duchy list
  • Improve clarity of sage/wizard moving on texts
  • Improve MessageSearch.php's display
  • Adjust wounding in duels
  • Chance of stealing unique item from dead, wounded, or captured character in battles or duels
  • Chance of discovering a unique item when traveling into a region for those with normal turn-based travel
  • Improved response text visual presentation for actions
  • Add warning that Statues and Memorials are set in stone and cannot be altered once constructed
  • Prevent cavaliers from using the more brutal half of takeover actions
  • Add text strongly recommending War Island for new players
  • Choose a default message type (Letter, Roleplay, Out-of-Character, etc.) based upon the message type you are replying to
  • Notify peers of Government members losing office
  • Change standing orders while at sea
  • Give one-week grace period for anyone unpausing, not only vacation pausers

Bug Fixes

  • Give seceding dukes the same length of text for full realm names that existing rulers have
  • Improve mobile display
  • Prevent sentries from digging in
  • Allow recruiting 30 militiamen per hour instead of 29 militiamen per hour
  • Re-enable army and guild based titles in signatures
  • Block acquiring unique items of the same type you already possess
  • Prevent being seen with unique item in battle if you're too wounded to be in combat
  • Fix default sort order for Bounty Board
  • Fix sorting on range in several tables
  • Save message and bulletin text and give it to player when they click send in middle of a turnchange
  • Fix character counts in message editor
  • Fix low-density realms being able to contribute to takeovers when TOing a region to rogue
  • Remember the message you're replying to when you preview your own message
  • Fix tournament communication post-tournament
  • Fix filtering messages by 'yesterday' and 'today'
  • Fix unignoring a character
  • Government Details 'Last Changed Date' reworked
  • Prevent adventurers from receiving noble messages when unpausing (or other means) a character and getting the last three days of messages, to prevent using advies as spies
  • Fix playable-character limit calculation
  • Remove heraldry from OOC messages
  • Prevent bankers from accessing marketplaces of foreign realms as their own realm
  • Fix dead peasants not contributing to undead rate in region
  • Do not display secret societies in Character Details history
  • Various text improvements
  • Various behind the scenes improvements
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