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The warriors of the Dominion formed up, bashing swords on shields, foaming at the mouths, feral screams erupting from them at their enemy. They had been double dosed with Elixir, as the nobles of the Dominion were bored with defense. They charged the field, screaming death curses at the huddling masses before them, when suddenly a series of horns rang out, and the soldiers of the Dominion, as one, stopped, confused by the sight of Halcyon cavalry charging past and into the very same soldiers they initially occupied Irdalni with.

Mordiggian stepped forward, axe raised.

"WHAT ARE YOU GAWKING AT, CLEARLY THEY'RE TOO SCARED TO FIGHT YOU LOT!" He bellowed, and began to charge. Woken from their stupor, the warriors of the Dominion charged again, bringing death and carnage onto the poorly prepared forces of Lukon and Portion.

Huge Battle Fought
message to everyone on Colonies - 2 hours, 36 minutes ago

Rumours spread and tales are sung about a huge battle in Irdalni:
Aren, Halcyon vs. Lukon, Portion
Estimated strengths: 640 men vs. 360 men
Attacker Victory!
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