Author Topic: The Curious Case of Kyryn Kye and Kyomi  (Read 8965 times)


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Re: The Curious Case of Kyryn Kye
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Roleplay from Kyryn Kye JeVondair
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Sitting knee to knee with a living, breathing thing of legend...and nightmare...was an experience to say the least. Kyryn had not been dismayed when Kyomi had declined his hand. Indeed, he'd made the gesture out of habitual manners, not that he had any idea what else he might have done. It wasn't as though he could actually assist, much less pull her her up into the carriage. And then there were those claws...

Belatedly, he realized that daimoness seemed to hesitate, perhaps considering the same thing before she...flowed into the carriage. Though she grew no smaller and the carriage no longer, she not only entered without trouble, but seemed to make herself comfortable was she settled in. Kyryn knew he couldn't keep the shock from his face as the magic of her nature asserted itself at her whim. The only thing he could liken it to was one of the optical illusions his tutors had paraded for him as a boy. But Kryrn knew exactly what his carriage could and could not do, and Kylio's non-euclidean action was almost literally painful to think about in any great details.

When asked about the experience later, Kyryn would be unable to recall the many details and sensations of being so close to her. And he would always think that a curiosity he'd more or less attributed to shock. But for now, at the present moment, when the Zuma asked for some privacy, he obliged as if it had been his own idea as he stumbled out while doing his level best to avoid contact. He did not realize  until he shooed his driver into he passenger seat and took the reigns for himself that he'd been holding his breath. He released it explosively, taking big, heaving gulps of the fetid, fishy dockside air.

"To the Castle, milord?" Captain Trajonia suggested after a moment and Kryrn nodded, collecting himself and snapping the reigns. The carriage lurched forward, its two mares clearly struggling at unfamiliar weight of the unfamiliar occupant. Before long, however, they were trotting briskly along the cobbles. Normally, a carriage might take an hour or more to reach the Keep that loomed upon the seacliffs overlooking the Port. With Trajonia and her JeRavosi to clear the way, however, Kyryn was sure they would make it in half the time.

As he drove, Kyryn realized that he'd placed himself in a position of at least some utility with the Zuma Envoy, and he wondered if she would call on his services after delivering her to the keep in which he himself had been born. Even now, he didn't really know how he felt about that, whether it was a good or bad thing. Furthermore, he wondered if his King might have similar thoughts regarding one Kyryn Kye JeVondair.

One thing for certain, whatever came to pass would interesting, to say the least.

He urged the horses on with greater speed, and the party cut through the city at a smart pace. The Dragon Court awaited...
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