Author Topic: The Curious Case of Kyryn Kye and Kyomi  (Read 8958 times)


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Re: The Curious Case of Kyryn Kye
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Roleplay from Kyryn Kye JeVondair
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"Just a bit more, if you'll indulge me." Kyryn replied to his diminutive charge. If he was being honest, he had expected at least some form of greeting either from the Dragon King himself or one of the high nobility, but none came. Either his Majesty wanted  Kyomi's presence kept secret, or else everyone knew and were staying well-enough away. He assumed it was the latter, though his reasons for doing so were rooted less in logic and more in bitterness. When his father had ruled, the religion of Verdi Elementum, the faith of the elements, was the faith of the land. Lady Ellyn Coquard, who along with Aldrakar Renodin had adopted the Kye JeVondair twins as their wards to honor the memory of his father, had often told him of the industrious, independent, damn-all attitude of the Ravielan islanders. Thing's had changed since as Elementum waned and Astroism waxed in its place. Astroists, in Kyryn's decided opinion, were a flighty, capricious, superstitious bunch. In in that, he supposed, the emulated their vaunted "bloodstars" quite well. While he regarded Kyomi with a respectful, and, he wagered, healthy amount of fear, others like that crazed lout Sir Miralion had either prostrated themselves before her or fled in varying degrees of terror.

As the pair approached the great gates leading to the throne room, Kyryn regarded his charge. She did seem rather...nonchalant about the Dragon King's seat of power. She hadn't even asked about him other than to know where he could be found. Indeed, the daimoness asked surprisingly few questions at all for one who had professed a desire to learn and experience. She was an observant creature, astoundingly so, considering how effectively she'd altered herself. no doubt she was learnign quite a bit...and found it wanting. Then again, had he been the one visiting the Zuma, he might have put on similar airs, if only to seem confident. Still, she'd never once realesed his hand once she'd claimed it, perhaps castles and ceremony were less interesting to her than the people that comprised them? Or maybe she just didn't want him scurrying off like the others had ? That last thought was at least to kyryn anyway, surprisingly palatable to him...unless it's YOU she means to have for dinner, old chap! yet another thought intruded. Of course, who could guess at the mind of a daimon? Fortunately for the princely courtier's sanity, he did not have time to pry further as the doors to the throne were thrown open before him.

Much had changed in Dwilight over the many, many years since humans had settled the continent. The Throne Room, however, was not among them. It was placed in the part of the palace that overlooked the seacliffs that harbored the port. Dramatic, floor-to-ceiling windows at the far end behind the throne overlooked the crashing Sea of Silence. Trophies and banners of armies long forgotten lined the walls, as well as portraits of past rulers. To the side, a long table had been arranged, and piled high with various D'Haran delicacies, including the bloodmoon wine for which the Ravalian vineyards to the south were so widely famed. Cooks and servants scurried about in final preparations and Kyryn was pleased to see that the entire arrangement was meant to be lifted and moved to so that the feast might moved to the room's center with the King at its head at his whim right here instead of the long trek to the Great Hall.  A red carpet ran the length of the room leading to the Dragon Throne, a work of gold artistry that captured the snarling visages of its namesake in the armrests. it's legs resembled actual scaled, clawed appendages artfully inlaid with ivory and pearl. Their eyes flashed as blue as the Sapphire Deep from whose shores they'd likely been mined in the first place. And upon that seat sat the undisputed ruler of humanity's west-most kingdom on Dwilight.
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