Author Topic: The Curious Case of Kyryn Kye and Kyomi  (Read 7706 times)


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Re: The Curious Case of Kyryn Kye
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Roleplay from Pawl Paxwax[/size] [/font][/size][/size]Message sent to all nobles in Port Raviel (8 recipients)[/size][/color] - 7 hours, 21 minutes ago
Pawl was waiting in his Dragon Throne Room, overlooking the sea cliffs that harbored the port. He was standing tall, looking down from his tower and analyzing the city's life.
He could tell that the people were louder today than usual, while at the same time some streets and areas of the port which were normally very vibrant were relatively quiet and empty if people left them like that on purpose. Seeing this was making Pawl happy...knowing that the D'Harans were following his request, to try and avoid contact with the Zuma daemon, as it may have a potentially unwanted effect on them.

Suddenly one of his scouts quickly entered the room and notified the arrival of the Zuma daemon....warning Pawl that, surprisingly, she has changed form from the 3 meter monster it was to a small young lady, almost cute to see. Pawl nodded to the scout, as he understood the report and then waved his hand so that he could be left alone, so the scout quickly ran away just as he entered.

Not much longer after that, knocking was heard at the room doors, as his servants announced the arrival of guests. Pawl loudly told them to let them in.
So the very large and richly decorated elegant doors of the Dragon Throne room opened and his servants wanted to announce the arrival of 2 persons...Sir Kyryn Kye and a young....lady? However their voices stumbled somehow, as if something had made them swallow their tongues. Luckily enough though, Sir Kyryn Kye took initiative and made the proper formal introductions. So the guests started entering the Throne Room.

The Dragon King's personal guards, the best and bravest soldiers anyone could find on Dwilight, stood ready for anything, covering the entrance of the room, its every corners and of course also closely guarding the Dragon King's throne and the Dragon King himself. Their simple yet elegant armors, made of the strongest and yet most flexible metal available, all bearing the coat of arms of the Paxwax family, shined bright in the Sun's glowing sunset light which was filling the room through the very large, floor-to-ceiling windows, thus creating an impressive atmosphere.
They were all very brave men, which were all expecting a frightening 3 meters tall daemon. However, they weren't ready to see such a small creature, especially one resembling a young lady, so this confused them a bit, though certainly not enough to stop them from being on guard in case they had to intervene in any way to protect their Dragon King.

As Sir Kyryn Kye was finishing the announcement, Pawl approached his quests, while focusing his eyes on the Zuma daemon, to some extent being surprised while at the same time smiling to the young lady.

"Greetings Kyomi and welcome to D'Hara and to Port Raviel! Greetings! I am happy to finally see you once again!" Pawl loudly said, with a strong confident voice, all while looking Kyomi straight into the eyes.
"And welcome back Sir Kyryn Kye. Thank you for being kind enough to escort Kyomi through Port Raviel. This is certainly appreciated, by both myself and Kyomi, I am sure." he continued, while turning his gaze to his own subject and smiling. The Dragon King was happy to know that Kyryn had provided his services to their guest, thus in this way also offering the daemon a first impression of D'Hara's well-known hospitality.

Then the Dragon King continued: "Kyomi, I am sure you must be tired, thirsty and hungry. Please join me for dinner, as my servants have prepared quite a feast for us. Let us eat and drink and talk some more, so that we can get to know each other better. After all, we didn't really had the occasion of doing that well enough back when I was visiting your people in Nightmarch."
So then Pawl, with a hand gesture, instructed his servants to prepare everything so that they can properly sit down at the table, while briefly exchanging eye contact with Sir Kyryn Kye, notifying his subject that he can now retreat, leaving room for undisturbed dialogue between himself and the Zuma emissary.
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