Author Topic: The Curious Case of Kyryn Kye and Kyomi  (Read 7723 times)


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Re: The Curious Case of Kyryn Kye and Kyomi
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Roleplay from Pawl Paxwax[/size] [/font][/size][/size]Message sent to all nobles in Port Raviel (9 recipients)[/size][/color] - 15 minutes ago
Pawl stood tall, while listening to Kyomi's reply. Though she looked and sounded like a very weird and young little girl, the daemoness certainly had a very sure tone. Pawl wasn't used to being too often openly confronted nor refused, especially by anyone looking and sounding like a child, however he was well-known for being both a wise man and a calm one, always willing to listen to what others had to say.

After hearing Kyomi's request to also have Sir Kyryn Kye accompany them for dinner, Pawl then calmly replied, with a smile on his face:

"By all means then, if Sir Kyryn Kye is beneficial to your investigation, especially as he also proved a good and loyal subject, let us welcome him alongside us. To dinner then." And he started walking towards the very large and long table, which was already prepared by his servants, with both Kyomi and Sir Kyryn Kye starting to slowly walk in the same direction.
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