Author Topic: The Curious Case of Kyryn Kye and Kyomi  (Read 7714 times)


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Re: The Curious Case of Kyryn Kye and Kyomi
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Roleplay from Alabaster

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After a short trip - nothing compared to the sea voyage over here - Alabaster alighted her hired sloop. She was _fairly_ certain they were smugglers - likely prostitutes on the way in, and bloodmoon fruit on the way out. The fresh fruit would never last, so instead it might be purchased as the seed, syrup or as a dried powder, of dubious efficacies. Rarely was it consumed raw anyway in this day and age, out of fear. Smugglers ship was the quickest and cheapest route, and so it was the one she took.  The Maritime District was once one of Port Raviel's great spectacles, boasting fish markets, shipyards, mercenary companies, and navigator guilds.

The Inner Ward was a fortified complex - a city within a city. Home to the Old Capitol, a vast complex of abandoned government offices that used to serve as D'Hara's administrative capital, it was her next destination and she stepped quickly with a wheelbarrow containing the treasures she had brought. These amounted to two large canvas drawstring bags, too heavy for her to carry on her own.

Two guardsmen gave each other quizzical glances as the stopped her wheelbarrow and huffed her way up several steps, "Someone called for  Ranger?", she said by way of introduction, flashing them her Royal Ranger badge that she wore on her breast. The soldiers looked vaguely impressed; adventurers did come this way to offer their services to the aristocracy, after all, and they were willing to die combating the rogues before the army needed to get involved.

Alabaster had been here several times before in her extensive travels, each time in service to their Royal but never getting so close as to actually _meet_ the man.
"You have a.. guest.. staying with you", she posited, "I'm here to escort them safely on their travels, whichever which way that is".

Alabaster found herself momentarily distracted by the fine coach and horse which had been parked outside; two valets were cleaning out the interior and stocking a small trunk with provisions.

"Also", she said, flipping her thumb towards the wheelbarrow, "I've got gifts for the King and his guest, so I'm gunna", continued the Ranger, pointing a figure at Left, "Aaannd you", to the Right, "to schlep these up the steps for me. Maaaaybe there's a gold piece in it for the both of you. Hop to it, hot stuff!", she grinned, slipping beneath their crossed halberds and jogging up the steps to the landing the great doors of the Inner Ward.