Author Topic: The Curious Case of Kyryn Kye and Kyomi  (Read 7703 times)


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Re: The Curious Case of Kyryn Kye and Kyomi
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Alabaster was already "in conversation" with the door clerk when the two armored guards huffed up the steps with the two large sacks. Armor was carry once it was on, with buckles fastened and straps taking the weight. In a bag, the weight was dead and heavy; both men had left their polearms on the steps so that the Ranger would not be left to her own devices for long. Fortunately the clerk was taking care of that for her.

"Listen, all I know", said the Ranger, "Was that I've been at large for three months finding a sage to get this armor repaired. His Highness, the Dragon King is going to want this returned while it's still shiny and, you know", she shrugged, "Majestic"

​She tugged open the drawstring. Arranged inside was a sparkling set of armor, shined to a near mirror finish, the smaller pieces sitting inside the breast and backplates which were the largest. The helm was short but magnificent with backward facing wings of shimmering metal and a tasteful faux-crown across the brow.

Majestic Plate Mail
Armour, Unique
87 % Condition
+ 7 Prestige
+5% Bureaucracy

"And the other?", said the clerk, who now raised out of his chair, his attention piqued at the second bag. He nodded his head to the on guardsman to "go on", and send for someone to verify the claims of this Ranger.

The second piece of armor was altogether weighty and not in the least bit elegant. Most mail armor was strong by virtue of interlocking rings of steel. This piece was ungainly, dark and greasy, the ragged ends at the knees and wrists tidied up as best was possible. It was as though it had been made for someone altogether larger than a typical human, and had been roughly resized without care. The rings were thick and mercilessly heavy; in place where a ring or two was missing (which happened from time to time in conflict and poor maintenance", they had been replaced with a loop of precious metal and indelibly added to the mix. On closest inspection, Alabaster had concluded they were rings. She remembered blanching at the time and being unable to sleep afterwards. Wedding rings.

The armor had been found quite by accident a continent away and brought thusly for the _guest_. It had come with a surcoat of black and red, stamped with a ragged characterture of a nightmarish dragon. Take it or leave it, she guessed,

Daemonic Armour of the Dragons
Armour, Unique
79 % Condition
+ 12 Prestige

What helmet she'd found in the barrow grave had not been worth salvaging. Alabaster crossed her arms at the clerk who motioned to a hard wooden bench. The one last guard dragged the armors, scraping to sit on either side of the Ranger as she waited to be seen.

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