Author Topic: The Curious Case of Kyryn Kye and Kyomi  (Read 8966 times)


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Re: The Curious Case of Kyryn Kye and Kyomi
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Roleplay from Yh'gh'th[/size] [/font][/size][/size]Message sent to everyone in Port Raviel (12 recipients)[/size][/color] - 8 hours, 8 minutes ago
At Pawls acceptance Kyomi finally released Kyryn, and started her walk over to the table. Upon arriving at a chair that she was fairly certain wasn't Pawl's--that would just be rude, after all--she looked at it for a couple seconds, debating the best way to get her child-sized body in the adult-sized chair. After the seconds were up she turned around and hopped on to it, bending the structure of it a little to give her a better vantage point over the food.

And food there was. Kyomi had learned long ago, not to assume what food was what though. That was a mistake one only makes once.

"So, what's on the menu, Pawl?" She asked with a touch of cheer.
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