Author Topic: The Curious Case of Kyryn Kye and Kyomi  (Read 9490 times)


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Re: The Curious Case of Kyryn Kye and Kyomi
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Roleplay from Yh'gh'th[/size] [/font][/size][/size]Message sent to everyone in Port Raviel (10 recipients)[/size][/color] - 9 hours, 27 minutes ago
Kyomi giggled at his toast, how unlikely she found it to be. Especially given how frequently one of these mortals seemed to fail what were simple tests.

"To sentiments and ideals." She offered instead, taking a drink of her wine... did they just give her grape juice? Then again, could she even get drunk? Did this have alcohol content? Would she notice it, if it did?

A simple drink was spawning too many questions, and she stared ponderingly at her drink for several seconds too long, before putting it back down on the table. There were other things on this table though, things she could eat. Could she make a sandwich with what was here? Did this society have cheescake yet? She surveyed the offerings seeking answers, while managing to dedicate some attention to anyone who may speak up.
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