Author Topic: The Curious Case of Kyryn Kye and Kyomi  (Read 9488 times)


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Re: The Curious Case of Kyryn Kye and Kyomi
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Roleplay from Kyryn Kye JeVondair[/size] [/font][/size][/size]Message sent to everyone in Port Raviel (8 recipients)[/size][/color] - 4 hours, 13 minutes ago
"My Lady"...Kyryn said at length, stressing the title as the servants began swapping out the dishes that were no longer as hot as they were meant to be, "I am quite sure that everyone who's anyone is already here. If not, then they've surely kept you waiting long enough."

Glancing once between his king and his guest, Rynn walked to the table and began preparing a large plate containing many of the morsels he'd noted earlier. Once finished, he edged the chair to the right of the Dragon Throne back from the  feast table, set the plate down before it, and gestured with an open palm for the daimoness to take a seat.

"Surely the Dragon King, not to mention myself, should be sufficient for your research?"
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