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Re: Monikers / Nicknames / Callsigns
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Inside has been fixed. Outside I don't think is ever going to happen?
*shrugs* I guess its a bit inconsequential now that I've seen the logic behind the nicknames

Between 'character details' and 'give medals' on the links below messages, add a Support/Propose Nickname link. This takes you to a page to propose a nickname for the other character, or to support an existing proposal. There can be multiple nickname proposals for every character in existence. Each character only gets to make one support-vote or proposal per other character. That is, Keplerman can either propose a new nickname for Evilman or support on an existing proposal, not both. Keplerman's support can be changed. When proposing a new nickname, a reason for that nickname must be provided, viewable to other voters. Which proposal a character proposes or supports is not public. There would be an ordered ranking of those with most to least support.A nickname will be displayed in the format GivenName 'Nickname' Surname. A nickname will not be displayed until a minimum threshold of support is achieved. When there are multiple proposals for character nicknames, the proposal with the most support will be displayed (presuming it has achieved the minimum display threshold). No multiple nicknames, only one nickname displayed at any given point in time. No identical nicknames, only one particular nickname at any given point per island. If Evilman and Naughtyman both have proposals to be 'the Ugly', then only the one who has more support will be allowed to use it. However, if Evilman has more support for 'the Ugly' than Naughtyman, but Evilman has even more support for being 'the Evil' for himself than 'the Ugly', then Naughtyman will be allowed to use 'the Ugly' because its not in active usage. If support for Evilman being 'the Ugly' surpassed support for 'the Evil', that would change. The current working idea for determining support is percentage of total prestige of active characters on the island, with a minimum threshold of 10%? 20%? to activate a nickname.Characters will have a 'refuse all nicknames' option that will opt out of all nickname displays, if someone doesn't want their character to have any nickname. Either accept the popularly-supported nickname or have no nickname at all.Nicknames will be subject to some rules to ensure appropriateness for BM (and SMA), as judged by the Titans.Some potential concerns are dealing with griefers and similar-but-not-identical nicknames, say 'the Great' and 'the Greatest', there should only be one form of such varieties.

I like this layout a lot. Seems to plug all the holes.
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