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I started a Mercenary Guild.  We move to each realm when we take a contract there.   Contracts are a minimum 3 months extendable to 5 months total.  One of our payments is a lordship in order to build and expand our guildhouse network. 

Is it against the rules to take a lordship I know I am going to abandon in 3-5 months when I go to the next mercenary contract?

holding it for 6 months is okay I think. 3 months might be pushing it. I'd suggest not taking a lordship to begin with. But then again, if you are moving to other realms, not too sure.

Tom was pretty firm years ago about nobles not being mercenaries, full stop.

For real? Why did he let Darka be around then?  ???


--- Quote from: Zakky on February 18, 2019, 08:38:59 PM ---For real? Why did he let Darka be around then?  ???

--- End quote ---

More or less grandfathered. This was...I forget exactly, but probably in the neighbourhood of 2010, so mercenary-Darka had been around for a long time by then.


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