Author Topic: More Honour and Prestige gain from Tournament  (Read 437 times)


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More Honour and Prestige gain from Tournament
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Title: More Honour and Prestige gain from Tournament

Summary: At the moment, it doesn't really feel that rewarding to attend a tournament. It is just a nice place to train for free for a few turns. For a feature that is protected by IR, it is pretty underwhelming. Not to mention how rare it is these days to see one.

Details: Increase Honour and Prestige gain from advancing rounds and winning the tournament by a lot.
For attending, you gain 1 honour and 1 prestige. If the tournament you are attending has both swordfighting and jousting events, then you gain 2 honour and 2 prestige instead (maybe call it a grand tournament or something to differentiate).
For winning each round, you gain 1 honor. For reaching the semi-final and the final, you gain 1 prestige each. The winner gains 3 honour and 3 prestige for winning on top of it all.

So for example, the most recent tournament which happened in Itorunt would grant Hyunae 1+6+3 =10 honour (1 for attending, 6 for reaching 6 rounds, and 3 for winning the tournament) and 1+2+3 = 6 prestige (1 for attending, 2 for reaching semi final and final, and 3 for winning the tournament).

Benefits: Make attending tournaments more attractive - outside the purpose of some monetary gain. Also, an easy way for newer knights to gain honor and prestige while making it worth something even for older characters.

Possible Downsides/Exploits: Not that I can think of.
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Re: More Honour and Prestige gain from Tournament
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There should also be achievements and titles based on tournaments! Attending, fighting, winning in respective fields. RPing in them, etc. them, etc.

Referencing this of course:,8681.0.html