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Forage Battlefield Improvement
« Topic Start: April 06, 2019, 11:25:10 PM »
Title: Forage Battlefield Improvement

Summary: Forage Battlefield is a pretty underwhelming feature. Improving it a bit should make it worth it. At the moment, it only repairs around a couple percentage points of damaged equipment.

Details: Foraging the field can result you in three outcomes.
1) Repair damaged equipment. It is determined by three factors.
-How damaged your equipment is
-How big the battle was (Bigger the battle, more stuff you can find)
-Unit Size (Smaller the unit, easier to find stuff to repair your whole unit with, thus more % being repaired)
Result: If you survived a huge battle with a small unit with high equipment damage, you may even be able to replace most of your damaged equipment with something better. In some cases, you may even reduce 80% equipment damage to 10%.

**Special: Maybe when your unit equipment stat is too low, they can find better equipment which leads to increase in stat increase for equipment.

2) Men get paid. Your men go around to search dead corpses. They find enough gold to pay themselves. It could result in few outcomes.
-Your men get paid and maybe even more which leads to morale+cohesion increase
-Your men found enemies who were pretending to be dead. A fight follows which results in your men coming out unscathed/injured/killed. Depending on the outcome they gain morale/lose morale/lose morale and men

3) Your men find a cart full of food. It leads to two outcomes.
-Your men fill their provisions
-If your provision is already full, your men fill their stomach full of food which leads to morale+cohesion boost.

Benefits: Making Forage more interesting and worthwhile. Increases generally staying power for an army since they can sustain themselves longer.

Possible Downsides/Exploits: This could potentially allow an army that was already winning to steamroll as they will be less affected by usual issues that plague armies from staying on the field longer than a week or two.

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Re: Forage Battlefield Improvement
« Reply #1: April 08, 2019, 11:44:39 PM »
I like this idea.

Have more effects on small units than large units would mean large units would still lose readiness over time.

I like the random boosts of armor and weapons, especially if you have low stat units.


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Re: Forage Battlefield Improvement
« Reply #2: July 09, 2019, 10:54:55 PM »
Currently it is rarely worth foraging over almost any other tasks. Very little repair improvement.


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Re: Forage Battlefield Improvement
« Reply #3: August 01, 2019, 07:09:09 AM »
And in a small way would promote... Battles!