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Spring 2019 Recent Changes
« Topic Start: April 30, 2019, 11:01:08 PM »
Major Changes:
  • Implement individualized tax rates
    • Each hierarchy level can set individualized tax rates for their vassals
    • For example, a ruler can set different tax rates for different dukes, same with a duke for lords and a lord for vassals
  • Discourage Adventurers as Scouts
    • No longer display all local nobles to advies, only nobles of greater position and prestige
    • When adventurer uses 2-hour scout mechanic, there is a chance of their capture, similar to scout paraphernalia capture
    • Potential capture consequences include fatigue increase, light wound and fatigue increase, imprisonment, seriously wound, or death
  • Implement a Lemuria Bot on Discord
    • Manages user's realm roles which provides private realm channels and a rulers channel
    • Identifying a user's family
    • And other functionality (come visit Discord to find out!)
  • Implement sending announcement to discord's island channels of major island events
    • New Ruler Elected, Rebellions, New Wars, New Alliances, Executions, Secessions, Ruler Abdications, Ducal Allegiance Changes, Tournaments, Huge Battles (and Deaths in Combat), Buried Legendary Heroes, Season Changes, War Island Victory
  • Statistics Updates
    • Update Highcharts library
    • Add new realm statistics: Wealth, Recruits, Recruits/Region, Average Prestige, Average Honour, Average Age
    • Combine previous total and active nobles into singular Nobles statistics
    • Add buttons to view other continents' realm statistics
  • Balance noble distribution on war island
    • Not display realms with many more nobles than the last realm in character creation
  • Change Sages and Wizards to (have a chance to) travel hourly instead of by turn

Minor changes:
  • Updated Abandon unit page to require less clicking
  • Adjusted wizard balance to favor hanging in region longer
  • Add family's home region and world to xml datafeed
  • Add family's home world to family page
  • Display Announcements at each login location
  • Smooth out large unit cost modifier with marginal cost increases
  • Display other realm colours when selecting a realm colour
  • Update Caligula font (which fixes display of special characters)
  • Don't display paused characters in account's New Messages filter
  • Open battle reports in a new tab
  • Add strikethrough to editor options
  • Improve routefinder search
  • Show all duels, not only received challenges (9430)
  • Remove or update IRC references to Discord references
  • Notify a lord if his militia is assigned to a noble by the general
  • Add a Duke section to commands page
  • Add more links to Character Details page
  • Text improvements (9424)

  • Turn script crashes
  • Memorial description and Bulletin length limits (9439)
  • Fortification razing (9431)
  • Fix first-time government check
  • Fix differences in unit payment
  • Block NPCs from being displayed on Wealth Lists
  • Remove Gold Transfer and Unique Item Offer messages from sent message statistics
  • Sort contacts alphabetically when writing a contact
  • Display message signature of the message you're responding to when writing a message
  • Prevent announcing a new tournament when a tournament was recently held
  • Gray out paused characters when viewing a family page on mobile
  • Fix royalty removal bug
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