Author Topic: Angry Peasants - Remove, Keep, or Change?  (Read 1895 times)


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I like it. Would it be possible to make a combination of both concepts? As in, peasants still rise against low numbers of military strength (as in, fewer than 2k-3k CS or their rough equivalent in number of soldiers), which would help prevent a single knight or two staying in the same region and looting for a long time (I can see a bunch of peasants having funny ideas without many troops in the region, after all). However, if military strength is greater than that (a smallish group of coordinated nobles, and obviously an entire army), peasants do not dare to face them in open combat and thus resort to guerrilla tactis (such as the ones proposed by Anaris), thus preventing the entire slaughter of the region in open combat by raising wave after wave of peasants by looting a little. If you want to clear out a large region, it should take time and you should need to use the kill looting options.

I'd say militia should be counted for the threshold as well, intimidating peasants into indirect warfare as if they were mobile units.
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