Author Topic: Different Colored Numbers for Region/Noble Limit  (Read 603 times)


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Title: Different Colored Numbers for Region/Noble Limit

Summary: If a realm on the realm list is above the current region/noble limit, then the realm's region count number shows up in green. If it is at the max number then white, but if it is under the limit then red.

Details: With the limit number changing every few months, it would help people understand what position their realm is in in terms of region/noble limit.

Benefits: Don't have to look up to see what the current limit is for those who don't bother checking announcements.

Possible Downsides/Exploits: None.


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Seems like it will bring an OOC element IC which I don't like. Unless Realm List is considered OOC?

A calculator is sufficient. Could also simply have another column on the Realm list page that gives a 1 decimal placed noble : region ratio and state the current limitation at the bottom of the table.