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Dave's Galaxy
« Topic Start: July 20, 2011, 09:25:52 PM »
Okay, as an off-shoot to the discussions began in "Browser-Based Gaming" I've created an individual Dave's Galaxy thread.

Dave's Galaxy is an interesting little space game that requires very very little time each day to play. (Far less than BM in my experience so far.)

At any rate, some of us from BM have all joined seemingly and I say we can either see about working together in some way (although due to initially beginning far from each other, it seems incredibly difficult) or at least keep in some communication. If you joined, go ahead and let us know here and put down your tag for that game. Any ideas and comments perfectly welcome.

BM Forum Name    Dave's Galaxy Name     Capital Planet Location ID
Adriddae                       Vistuvis                        1667.4 , 1912.8
Cadfan                           cadfan                         1931.8, 1839.9
Daycryn                         Kazhaar                      1724.1 , 1870.0
De-Legro                      Masdus                        1724.7 , 1654.7
egamma                       egamma                      1661.9 , 1768.6
fodder                            fodder                        1920.9 , 1834.9
Gustav Kuriga           GundamMerc                   1833.8, 1873.1
Huntsmaster                   Agiri                          1823.2 ,  1868.5
Kai                                   Kai                            1660.3 , 1685.2
Lorduck                         Lorduck                       1693.3 , 1798.8
Morningstar               Morningstar                    1734.8, 1865.5
Nathan                          Klingzog                      1664.2 , 1677.4
psymann                       psymann                     1689.6, 1820.1
Sacha                            Amaury                       1535.2 , 1979.8
Silverfire                     KingDante                     1910.5 , 1811.0
Slapsticks                   Slapsticks                       1765.5, 1817.1
Squishymaster        Squishymaster                 1912.4 , 1801.4
Tom                              Balanuir                      1706.1  , 1678.1
Vellos                             Vellos                        1664.8 , 1709.3

(I'll edit top post every once in a while to include new names if ppl like that idea)

So, one thing I was thinking about is that if we find some sort of central area in between all of us, we could perhaps each send a colony ship there and build up some sort of alliance headquarters where we could build up a second base of operations to each fall back on if our main spots get attacked or whatever? With the way resources work it would essentially be like a 2nd spot in the game, but we could work together there.

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