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Re: Dave's Galaxy
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I did that with my colony ships. If you scrap the fleet, you can rebuild them as separate fleets. Not sure how that would work after the turn were they're built though.

To find me, look for Hierulf's empire (you can't miss it, it's 4 big blobs of yellow with other little yellow bits around it, apparently he's the number one player). Look for Beta Octansmeda (the furthest west planet of his I can see), go south-west until you see a pink circle. That's me.

Scrapping Fleets and reconstituting is the only way to make a new larger fleet right now. Dave is working on proper fleet control to fix this. I am also near Hierulf, who just happens to be the largest player with over 1000 planets :) Oh I'm at war with Hierulf, so far I've destroyed one of his colony ships. He seems to have a ton of fleets, but so far they all look to be colony ships.
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