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Re: Dave's Galaxy
« Topic Start: July 21, 2011, 01:42:57 PM »
I've found De-Legro and Adriddae and got routes set up to you guys so I can find you later. Trying to build my route to Adriddae was annoyingly difficult: left click to place waypoints, left click to scroll didn't make it easy.

If Silverfire or Squishymaster have found De-Legro or Adriddae, could we get routes to you guys from there? It would be nice to know where everyone is.

As for the base of operations, I think it should be as far away from Hierulf as possible. If De-Legro has annoyed him, I think he needs to run away rather quickly :P How long would it take us to send colony ships to the centre of the universe? That would certainly make a nice fall-back base in the long run, if we ever get wiped out, at least we'd still have one planet so far away from anyone else that they likely can't find/get to it easily.