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Re: Dave's Galaxy
« Reply #2055: August 12, 2012, 08:55:20 AM »
@Tan_Serrai - limits on exponential growth should make sense. In BattleMaster, realm sizes are somewhat limited by internal politics, organisational overhead and the fact that recruitment can only happen in the capital (thus, the larger the realm, the longer it takes to reach any of your frontlines with fresh troops).

In DG, limits that would make sense is some kind of bureaucracy overhead, or maintainance costs for communications networks, etc. that simply grow exponentially as well.

And then there's the question if Dave sees it as a problem at all. What I consider troublesome is that beyond a certain point (where I lost interest in the last round), you simply need scripting to manage your empire. I think if that is what the game is about, then it should offer those automation options itself, to create a level playing field. Otherwise it'll become a game of "who can write the better empire management script".