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Re: Dave's Galaxy
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Playing as Amaury, I'm located at a relatively short distance to the south-southwest of a big cluster of planets owned by a guy named TravelerTC.

south-south-east ;)

I'm quite far to the north-east of you. If you go passed a few brown clusters of planets, then there's a gap, then another brown cluster, then a gap, then a small green cluster, then a bigger gap, then you'll find a few single planet empires close together. I'm the pink one (Klingzog). Kai is the grey-green one to the south-west of me. Tom is east of me (brown-orange).

I've also found Silverfire in my search for Sacha. He's quite far to the south-east of me.

Using the red lines and their curvature can you guys give me a rough idea where you are based from the center?

Follow the south-east segment, that splits immediately so take the left/lower segment. When that splits again, take the right segment. When that splits, take the right segment. I'm the pink one in the segment just before it splits again.
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