Author Topic: The Rines Peace Negotiations - Prequel: Eva Foote and Ferdinand Greybrook (BT)  (Read 220 times)

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Quote from: Eva Foote

Eva exited the main hall that rested in the center of Grehk. A palace had not yet been constructed and in the meantime official operations ran out of the Margrave's manor. The Royal Carriage waited for the Grandmistress in front of her temporary place of residence. Moonlight and torches illuminated the barren streets of the night. Templars guided her into the carriage where her grandfather, Peterson as she has always called him, was already waiting.

Bewildered, Eva looked into his weary face, "what are doing?"

"We are going to Rines, no?"


"Of course! You still need my guidance, child."

Eva let out a sigh of dissatisfaction, she had hoped to keep her family out of sight but such would not happen. How much of her grandfathers true character, heretical at a minimum, would her companion see?

"Do not worry," Peterson smirked, "he will not suspect a thing, they never do."

No matter the reassurance, the Grandmistress couldn't help but feel uneasy. Looking to her unexpected guest beside her, the carriage rocked forward, toward the location of her planned companion. Peterson's bushy grey beard covered most of his wrinkled face. Faded tattoos, from his homeland in South-Western Dwilight, ran from around his right eye down behind the bearded cheek. In casual night-ware, her grandfather rested his balding head on the side of the carriage. Eva looked back in front of her, adjusting her white vestments but keeping her veil lowered.

After a short journey the carriage came to a stop. A guard opened the door beside Eva in order to let the Grand Templar into the carriage. The Grandmistress sat up straight, making sure there was plenty of room for her guest to get seated on the bench in front of herself and her grandfather. Only rattling armor from outside and light snoring inside could be heard. Taking a deep breath, filling her lungs, the petite Grand Herald steeled her nerves with a slow exhale...


Quote from: Ferdinand Greybrook

The Grand Templar sat down with a thump in the carriage opposite the Grandmistress and a man unknown to him. As always, Ferdinand wore the Cruel Plate Mail of Grehk and carried his sword. Putting the forgetting shield to one side he finally bowed to the ruler of his Theocracy.

"Grandmistress... I expected that we would be alone..."

Staring at the man, Ferdinand did not trust him at all. The tattoos for one were not some he entirely recognized and for his outfit... it was hard to be courteous. Yet, he hoped the Grandmistress would have her reasons for a extra bodyguard.

"Grand Templar of Obia'Syela, Ferdinand Greybrook - I am here to ensure the personal safety of the Grandmistress. The Templar Zealots will trail behind us so we are well guarded..."

He left the conversation purposely on edge, with his hand on his sword hilt. He hoped this journey was easy. Yet, these were uneasy times.


Quote from: Eva Foote

"Grandmistress... I expected that we would be alone..." the now seated Grand Templar Ferdinand said before looking towards Eva's grandfather, "Grand Templar of Obia'Syela, Ferdinand Greybrook - I am here to ensure the personal safety of the Grandmistress. The Templar Zealots will trail behind us so we are well guarded..."

The tension wasn't hidden and only served to unease the Grandmistress more. It wasn't really the raised guard of Ferdinand nor was it fact that the realm was on the brink of war. Truthfully it was more personal, more selfish. Eva worried that this would be the moment that hidden truths would be revealed. Of course not, Eva tried to comfort herself, he wouldn't be so careless. He would do his usual routine of forgetting names, mistaking people, speaking nonsense. Seeing past the mask wasn't easy, an old man suffering from dementia wasn't unusual after all.

Peterson looked wearily at the Grand Templar during the entire greeting. Jolted awake when Ferdinand sat down in full armor, Eva's grandfather would have given the military leader a scowl had he only the energy. Heavy eyes dipped and raised as he struggled to keep his head up while Ferdinand spoke, a futile task. Peterson laid his head back against the wall of the carriage without replying.

Relief washed over Eva like a cool sea breeze. Turned back to Ferdinand, Eva tried to explain: "I apologize for my grandfather's...unexpected presence. I was raised in the Holy City of Rines and he has decided to surprise both of us by joining this journey to the Holy City." Creaking carriage wheels filled the brief silence, as Eva leaned forward slightly and lowered her voice, "he is not well." Tapping a thin finger against her temple she hoped the intent was clear.

Returning to the comfort of the velvet cushion, Eva looked out the window. Resting near the horizon, the full moon's illumination became blocked by tall buildings as the caravan made it's way to the gates of Grehk. In mere minutes the group would leave behind the fortified city. Eva watched dim white walls appear and disappear, time after time, as building after building came and went. War was on every noble's mind but those behind the white walls, they don't see what is just around the corner. Battle may not come to them but they would feel it nonetheless. Many would be losing someone, be that a parent, sibling, child, or neighbor. Whether or not the loss of life occurred didn't truly matter, no one returns from intense conflict unchanged. Was it all worth it? That was the question Eva somberly contemplated.

"Aside from military matters I don't remember seeing many letters from you about the...rising storm. What do you hope is accomplished at this summit?" Eva did her best to avoid transparency and made an effort to gauge the Grand Templar.


Quote from: Ferdinand Greybrook

Looking at the Grandmistress, Ferdinand wasn't sure what to say. They both knew that if Ferdinand gave the word that morning, the realm would be at war:

"The Oracle decreed this meeting to take place between the Pontefix and yourself with her holiness as moderator. While I have my doubts, I hope that both realms can unite in cause against the Unholy Order."

Ferdinand's opposition to Jidington colony was known as much as he was the one to take the city back from the rogues. Yet, forever guided by the Oracle, he was as zealous and loyal as ever

It was in a passing moment that Ferdinand experienced the flashing pain strike his mind.

Had his nightmare returned?


Quote from: Eva Foote

Eva continued to watch buildings go by as Ferdinand spoke. Agitated just by the thought of previous dialogue with Jessica, Eva replied to the Grand Templar: "Negotiations will be futile, Jessica is a stubborn woman who has not been listening to reason. It is as if she only learned to read a year and half ago."

Buildings became less numerous as they drew close to the wall. "Maybe the Oracle will be able to get through to her," Eva's tone softened after the brief pause. Rattling armor interrupted her focus and she looked towards Ferdinand. Darkness, all light still impeded by houses. Slowly the carriage became illuminated as it entered the clearing before the gates. Eva watched the Grand Templar appear from the void...