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Re: Class IR- applicable to advies?
« Topic Start: August 22, 2019, 03:17:35 PM »
If I understand correctly, the adventurer in question wants protection from a manhunt, and you're willing to give it on the condition that they change class.

This seems related to (though not clearly analogous to) offering compensation for those who will change unit types. It also sounds like part of the protection in this case would be the class change itself, as once they were no longer an adventurer, they could not be arrested and executed out of hand.

Can you please expand some about the situation? Is there any other particular reason you/your character wants the adventurer to become a noble?

I have not said anything to the advy in question yet, to steer clear of the IR as it stands. Waiting to hear feedback here before engaging with him. If made the offer, he might just decide to leave anyway and take his chances in the wild.

From what I understand of the situation, the (rather pretigious) advy is wanted in one realm (Arnor) and possibly another (Astrum) for taking (thousands) of gold he'd deposited in Sanguis Astroism temples and offering to use it against their enemies after getting demoted in rank, and Arnor's ruler has messaged rulers asking for him to be punished. My character was asked his advice by his ruler, since he'd had dealings with this advy in the past. My character asked for leniency in the matter, arguing that it was possible he was of noble blood, but running around as a ranger for inexplicable reasons. The ruler responded, saying that he if he was of noble blood, he should prove it.

The punishment will likely go through unless my character can convince the ruler not to do so. My character has had prior engagement with this advy - my understanding of the recommendation system is that if your character gives a recommendation, you believe the advy has noble blood? So my character has two main reasons- protecting an advy he'd recommended to be recognised as nobility and to support someone who is being hunted by a realm that is attacking him and his allies, and who might be able to provide material support.
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