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Adventurer Subclasses/New abilities
« Topic Start: August 26, 2019, 01:18:30 AM »
There's often been talk of new abilities for adventurers. Some get more traction than others. Traditionally the main things that are not happening are abilities that will encourage rampant killing of adventurers and abilities that just involve giving adventurers noble abilities. Even if it never happens these are always fun to talk about.

One that came to mind for me is an adventurer subclass called "cleric" or perhaps something else like "pastor" or maybe even "monk" basically anything that implies something less than a priest. The subclass is only open to adventurers who are a member of a religion. With this subclass they gain an ability by which they function as a shrine. It could be passive so whatever region they're in is automatically bestowed the same bonus that prevents follower loss. Or it could be an active ability where they have to expend hours to create the same benefit, perhaps when they do so they also gain some silver in donations, otherwise there'd be little incentive to preach. The idea is they only preach to inspire piety in existing followers but don't have the power to convert. They could also get a special ability that they can sleep for free in regions that have a temple. This could be an interesting way to give adventurers more to do in religions.

Another thought I've just had is "Bard". In addition to normal adventurer activities they can also "perform". They gain a small amount of silver and create a small moral and productivity bonus in the region.

One final idea, occultist, they automatically hear more rumors about witches and sages that come from a greater range away.


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Re: Adventurer Subclasses/New abilities
« Reply #1: August 26, 2019, 01:31:03 AM »
I'd be very concerned that the "cleric" ability would just get the adventurers ordered about as, effectively, portable shrines.

Similarly with the "bard" ability, it would be likely to have realms start treating adventurers as morale-machines.

Bear in mind that, unlike nobles (who do indeed have many of these types of abilities, and are sometimes treated as mindless machines, but far from always), adventurers a) cannot go to battle, so any new abilities they gained that would help a realm would instantly put them from the "probably more trouble than they're worth" column to the "exploitable resource" column, and b) can be hunted down and arrested by nobles if they ever refuse to do what they're asked.

The occultist doesn't have that drawback, but it also doesn't seem to have any reason why all adventurers wouldn't be occultists. I would very much prefer to avoid classes (and other choices) that are "must-have".
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Re: Adventurer Subclasses/New abilities
« Reply #2: August 26, 2019, 02:18:48 AM »
I am against making advies affect the actual game anywhere beyond providing items and scrolls. They already do more than they should.

Any effect on region stats or religion seem to be going way too far. Just let them stay where they are. Improve the core functionality of the game. This is battlemaster not adventuremaster.
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Re: Adventurer Subclasses/New abilities
« Reply #3: September 13, 2019, 08:43:44 AM »
They already affect gameplay by stopping rogue armies from appearing if they are doing standard clearance work.

I like the idea of allowing them to choose to be a lower level priest.

It would give more people more reasons to be in the religion game, for which there are currently far too few at the moment.

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Re: Adventurer Subclasses/New abilities
« Reply #4: October 06, 2019, 03:13:50 AM »
I like idea of "cleric" or "acolyte"; some small thing for be part of religion.


New idea: "Gang leader" - can make own group with message group for more organzing adventurers for working together

(advanced idea: guild house for "gang" where can leave items, rest faster, maybe other things. Already know people complain "too much like guild", even if guilds almost nothing in game and this maybe make dead part of game more lively. People here no like think about "how can really fix boring parts?")


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Re: Adventurer Subclasses/New abilities
« Reply #5: October 16, 2019, 05:30:42 PM »
What about subclasses that affect the chance of finding sages/wizards etc (So those that repair, sell scrolls etc)


Proffessional Hunter - Requirement - A % of adventuring skill and gear - This subclass offers a reduction in time spent to hunt, so usually the time required to hunt goes up. This is reduced and you have a reduced chance of being 'wounded' and instead will be lightly wounded. However it reduces your chance of finding common and boring items when 'searching' for them.

Trinket Collector- Requirement - % of adv gear - This subclass offers you a better chance of finding itesm when searching for them, militia and wasting time is reduced in occurance and you have a higher chance of finding unique items. When clearing monster/undead lairs you have a chance of finding the buried treasures (on top of what you find), however you spend more time hunting.

Lone Wanderer - Requirement % of skill and gear - This subclass offers you the ability to travel quicker, (reduced travel time) you are able to mix into the masses and avoid paying tax (reduced chance of paying taxes, selling items , travel fee etc) Being a lone wanderer however you travel lightly (higher chance of being lightly wounded).

(Each subclass could have a drawback, like a critical failure e.i the collector while seasrching for items could be caught by militia and thrown into jail for wondering into a restricted area. The Hunter could get lost while travelling or spend longer travelling because they got lost., The wanderer could get taxed extra if they sneak into town.)

I dunno just some ideas that relate back to adventureus

Perhaps one that can keep low % unique items from deteritaing past a %