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Re: From The Rulers Channel on Discord - Small realms
« Reply #30: September 20, 2019, 12:11:56 AM »
Yet people keep trying to do it, over and over. They accept the gold loss, they accept the constant region maintenance.

A big problem, at least on Dwi and BT, is the map is too big for the player base. Realms have rogue buffer zones between them. The maps need to be scaled back so they work with the player base we have.

Yes only on Dwi and BT where they can fund themselves by looting rogue regions. When you have another source of income, the penalty becomes somewhat meaningless. There are a lot of infiltrators on Dwi and BT dedicated to stealing gold from rogue regions. Realms on EC would be a better example. Realms that do not have enough reserve gold will suffer. Unfortunately the ones that should suffer are too rich at the moment.

There is no solid solution for Dwi and BT map problem. It is quite hard to close the gap when cities are far apart themselves. Not to mention people not wanting to leave their historical homelands.