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We've heard your opinion on this many times now, Medron. I get that, from some points of view, it was an impressive achievement.

What it was not is any good for BattleMaster.

Which was...namely...WIN. 

Say it with me, people.

You cannot win BattleMaster.

One group of people managed to be so laser-focused on military prowess that they managed to oppress the continent for years, driving away anyone who wanted to play in a different realm or a different way, beating them down until they finally surrendered and joined the behemoth, because what the hell else were they going to do?

So, yeah, by the time we sank Atamara, there was some movement afoot towards something more healthy. But it was much too little, much too late.

If you had decided to do that two years previously, then we might, in fact, have congratulated you. As it stands, your "achievement" was built on the backs of many players' destroyed fun and enjoyment of the game.
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